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Additives for Resin

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Recycled carbon fibres* from rovings (100 % Carbon) off different origins

Micro fibres, a fine fibre, is used as a thickening additive with resin/hardener to create a multi-purpose adhesive, especially for bonding wood. Epoxy thickened with micro fibres has good gap-filling qualities while retaining excellent wetting/penetrating capability.

Lightweight sandable glass / resin filler.

Lightweight sandable glass / resin filler.

Almost half the weight of Micro Balloons.

Super Lightweight Fairing Compound is the ideal low-density filler for creating a light, easily-worked fairing compound especially suited for fairings small and large.

Add Thixotropic agent in to resin and hardener for general thickening of resin and this also can produce a Gel coat for moulding.

Non drip. Add 0.5% to 6% by weight of Thixotropic Agent To Resin & Hardener.

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