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Bucks Formula 50 Epoxy Repair kit instructions


Here is a guide to repairing a damaged surface with Bucks materials. (A motorcycle fell against the wing).

Items needed:

  • Item to be repaired
  • Formula 50 Epoxy Resin & Hardener 150ml small repair Kit
  • Resin spreader card (1 supplied in the kit).
  • Graduated Mixing Pots 30ml (2 supplied in the kit).
  • Spatulas (2 supplied in the kit).
  • Surgical gloves (1 pair supplied in the kit).
  • Thixotropic Agent 250ml pot
  • Colouring Paste 50g pot
  • Sanding pad

Health and safety Note - Operate in well ventilated area and use surgical gloves whilst handling epoxy resin.

Please note Bucks-Composites epoxy resin does not attack foams white, pink or blue.

Remove any loose bits of cured resin.

Use the measuring pot to measure out 10ml of the Formula 50 epoxy Resin and 5ml of the Formula 50 Hardener and mix together.

The mix ratio of the Formula Epoxy Resin and Hardener are 2 parts PART A (resin) to 1 part PART B (hardener) by volume.

The epoxy resin and hardener in there containers are measured to the correct ratio, but don't mix together all of the resin and hardener in one go due to the heat build up.

It is very important if mixing a larger amount then put the activated resin & hardener into a tray (larger area) to prevent heat build up and this will give you a longer pot life (working time). The pot life is about 50 minutes if put into a larger area to prevent heat build up.

For this small repair I have measured out 10ml of resin and 5ml of hardener mixed well. I have poured 10ml of the activated resin & hardener into a pot and added a very small amount of the pure white colouring paste (a spatula just dipped into the colouring paste pot is enough) stirred well.

I have added the thixotropic agent to the coloured activated resin & hardener again stirred well to form a non drip epoxy paste for repairs. I have added the thixotropic agent until the mix stops flowing.

I have brushed a small amount of only the activated resin & hardener to the area where the activated paste will be added to increase the bond strength. I have used a plastic spreader card to smooth over the applied paste. I will leave to cure which normally takes 24 hours.

When cured lightly sand and clean. A further amount of the paste might need to be applied to completely fill the area in the same way as before.

Repair Finished

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