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Here are the latest products we've added to the Bucks-Composites online shop:

Honey wax mould release compound.

Release agent for epoxy and polyester resin, Silicone-free. Any residue in the mould and on the component dissolves in water and is simply washed off. One coat of PVA is applied before each mould taken.

Very strong, ideal for whipping. This thread is 5 times stronger than steel thread and does not melt even when heated up to 425°C continuously. Aramid reacts with UV light which will decrease in strength over time but does not affect its fire/temperature resistance.

Well-covering universal colour paste with high pigment content in reaction neutral binding agent. For pigmentation of EPOXY & POLYESTER resin systems.

Not suitable for silicon casting compounds or Single-Part Coating products.

  • For use on EPP model aircraft for covering the model.

This is used to give an overall rough, bondable upper surface free from release agent film once the resin has cured.

Process procedure: Lay on laminate, leave laminate to cure and then peel off the Peel Ply to leave a bondable surface.

Carbon 3k warp & weft - Great for reinforcing. Available in lengths from 1 metre to 10 metres.


Please select length from the menu below.

Lightweight sandable glass / resin filler.

Ideal for local reinforcing, Balsa wood, Spars, etc.

Good for hand lay-ups, winding, fast and good impregnation for epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester resins & Cyano (super glue).

Properties of the fibre are as follows;

Tensile strength 4830 MPa

Tensile modulus 234 GPa

Kevlar 49

3160 d'tex

Reels of yarn / tow in various lengths.

Good for hand lay-ups, winding, fast and good impregnation for epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins.


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