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Here are the latest products we've added to the Bucks-Composites online shop:

If covering a foam surface, sand the foam smooth then cut the woven glass fibre cloth to size and lay on the foam surface then wet out the cloth with the Bucks Single-Part coating system with a Bucks coating brush then leave for 2 hour

Strong Resin for covering models with woven glass fibre cloth.

Please follow the link below for covering a model plane:-

Guide to Surface Finishing

Tough and high strength, plain weave carbon & Aramid Kevlar® warp & Aramid Kevlar® weft.

Carbon 4,120 MPa

Aramid 3036 MPa

Glass fibre woven cloth suitable for surface finishing on model aircraft wings, fuselage and model boats.

1.1 metre wide, in a range of lengths. High Quality and wets out easily.

25g glass fibre woven cloth, Ideal for models upto 70" wingspan or upto 10lbs all up weight.


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