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Here are the latest products we've added to the Bucks-Composites online shop:

This digital scale weighs up to 20 kg in 1 g increments and up to 40 kg in 2 g increments. The display is always easy to read due to the blue backlight. The display can be mounted on the wall.

Technical data:

Apply the Quick Release Agent to the clean or new mould with a cloth or brush and leave to dry which can take up to 45 minutes depending on the temperature before laying up on the mould.

This product is water based and environmentally friendly.

Sanding pad

Size 4” x 5”

400 grade grit

Double sided with a soft foam core.

Ideal for sanding cured resin and hardener on wing and fuselage panels, also great for sanding foam panels.

Kevlar® 158 Warp & Weft

Plain weave- Width 2" / 50mm / Thickness 0.25mm

Kevlar® 158 Warp & Weft

Plain weave- Width 1" / 25mm / Thickness 0.25mm

Pultruded carbon-fibre rods from HT carbon fibres (Torayca® T300 or equivalent) and epoxy resin are drawn continuously through a die. This production method causes the fibres to be oriented unidirectionally, i.e. along the length of the pultruded form.

Three-part Measuring syringes non-sterile.

  • 50 ml (3 part)
  • 50 ml large nozzle (3 part)

150mm long, 17mm wide, 2mm thick, spatulas in various pack sizes.

Ideal for mixing larger amounts of resin with hardener or producing smooth fillets with compounds such as super lightweight fairing compound or micro balloons mixed with resin etc.

Storing pots with lids, 1 litre in several pack sizes.

Storing pots with lids, 500ml in several pack sizes.


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