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Aramid / Kevlar®, Woven Tape, 200g/m², Plain weave, 25mm (1") wide

Kevlar® 158 Warp & Weft

Reinforcements and wound components with high tensile strength, impact strength, wear resistance, and high energy absorption capacity.

  • High Impact Strength.
  • Good Tensile Strength.
  • Poor Compressive Strength.
  • Good Electrical Insulation.
  • High Fire Resistance.
  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • High strength, good impact, high abrasion resistance and medium stiffness.

KEVLAR® tape is a good alternative to cutting tricky strips from larger fabrics. Unlike cutting fabric it has finished edges which prevent the tape from fraying. This tape is for use with laminating resins.

Please note the following before working with KEVLAR® 

  • KEVLAR®, generally, is not suitable for applications that require compressive strength.
  • KEVLAR® is difficult to cut, sand, and machine.
  • Unused KEVLAR® should be stored away from UV light.

Available in lengths from 1 metre to 50 metre rolls.

Please select roll length from the menu below.

0.39 mm
25.00 mm
1.00 m
Packed weight: 
20 g

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