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Bucks Finishing Epoxy Resin with Hardener (24-36 hour cure time)

Strong Resin for covering models with woven glass fibre cloth.

Please follow the link below for covering a model plane:-

Guide to Surface Finishing

Ideal for finishing on model aircraft. The Cured resin will accept all paints. Non shrink tack free glossy surface finish super low viscosity.

Ideal for surface finishing on model Aircraft the cured resin surface will accept all paints. Super low viscosity. Bonds to most materials. Can be used in conjunction with Glass, Aramid / Kevlar® and Carbon Fibre. This epoxy resin will not attack foams, white, pink or blue. The resin and hardener pack comes with 2 mixing pots, 2 spatula's and instructions for covering a model aircraft wing and fuselage. Spare hardener can also be ordered.

This Finishing Epoxy Resin and Hardener has a longer pot life and cure time and dries tack free and glossy over standard epoxy resin and Hardeners, standard epoxy resin and Hardener can dry with a waxy surface especially in damp conditions. The Finishing resin and Hardener can be used from start to finish when laminating, from sealing coat on wood, impregnating Aramid / Kevlar®, Glass fibre and Carbon fibre to applying final coat to fill the weave of the materials .

Always leave the Epoxy Resin and Hardener in a warm area to cure for 36 hours and never turn the heating off during winter time while the curing is taking place.


  • Full depth cure / Non Waxy & Tack free finish.
  • Pot life 45mins / Cure time 24-36 hours.
  • Can be heated up to 28°C to reduce the cure time.
  • Warmer lowers the viscosity of the resin.
  • Leave to cure at room temp. for 24-36 hours.

Super low viscosity.

Mix ratio by weight:-

    100 parts Resin to 48 parts Hardener


Mix ratio by volume:-

   100 parts Resin to 55 parts Hardener


285g resin & 140g hardener- net weight combined 425g

500g resin & 250g hardener- net weight combined 750g

  • Supplied with:-
  • 60ml graduated mixing pots qty 2
  • Spatulas qty 2

We recommend our 2-inch roller kits for applying this resin to the woven glass fibre cloth on model aircraft:

Download our handy printable mixing chart from the link below.

Attachments: Mixing Chart for Silicones, Lacquers, Epoxy, Polyester and Polyurethane Resins 

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