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Bucks Formula Laminating Epoxy Resin, Clear

Low viscosity.

Easy measuring ratio.

Mix ratio by Volume:-

        100 parts Resin to 50 parts Hardener (2 to 1)

Supplied with:-

  • 60ml graduated mixing pots qty 2
  • Spatulas qty 2


Take into consideration heat generation when mixing resin and hardener, once mixed put into a larger area this will prevent higher temperature build up and this will give you a longer pot life (working time). Never mix large quantity of resin and hardener.

  • Full depth cure / Non Waxy & Tack free finish
  • This produces thin wall laminates with good rigidity.
  • Pot life from 18mins to 43mins depending on which hardener used. Cure time 24 hours.
  • Leave to cure at room temperature for 24 hours
  • Full Cure is 7 Days at 25°C
  • Winter time, always leave the Epoxy Resin and Hardener in a warm area to cure for 24 hours and never turn the heating off during winter time while the curing is taking place.

Also Foam Friendly.

You will need to also order the corresponding Laminating Hardener to use this resin. The minutes are working time / pot life.

Packed weight: 
295 g

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