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Carbon Fibre 6K Yarn / Tow

Ideal for reinforcing, Balsa wood, Spars, etc.

Good for hand lay-ups, winding, fast and good impregnation for epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester resins or Cyano (super glue).

Impressively light & rigid when impregnated with one of the above.

Can be used as a single Tow or multiple Tows.

Properties of the fibre are as follows;

Strand Tensile strength  4.90 GPa

Strand Tensile modulus  235 GPa

  • 6,000 filaments.
  • High Tensile Strength.
  • High Compressive Strength.
  • Poor Impact Strength.
  • Poor Electrical Insulation.
  • Low Thermal Expansion.
  • Poor Fire Resistance.
  • 0.4g/m

Carbon Fibre Tow has very good strength in one direction. When woven it has bi-directional strength. For hand layups it can be cut and laid in the directions needed for reinforcement.

Carbon Fibre in it's dry form can be easily cut with scissors.

This 6K Yarn / Tow is composed of 6,000 individual carbon filaments. 

Available in roll lengths from 25 metre to 1000 metre rolls.

Please select roll length from the menu below.

25.00 m
Packed weight: 
210 g

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