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Carbon Fibre & Aramid / Kevlar® Hybrid woven tape, 75mm (3") wide 225g/m²

Tough and high strength,

Plain weave,

Carbon Fibre & Aramid Kevlar® warp & Aramid Kevlar® weft.

Carbon 4,120 MPa

Aramid 3036 MPa

Good for reinforcing inside of epoxy model fuselages.

The Carbon Fibre & Aramid / Kevlar® woven tape has stitched edges to prevent fraying.

The Carbon Fibre & Aramid / Kevlar®  tape is easier to cut than just Aramid / Kevlar®.

Available in roll lengths from 1 metre to 50 metre rolls.

Please select length from the menu below.


75.00 mm
0.20 mm
1.00 m
Packed weight: 
25 g

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