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Colour Tints for Bucks Formula Laminating & Casting Epoxy Resins

Note: These are not suitable for silicon casting compounds or Single-Part coating products and only for Bucks Formula Laminating & Casting Epoxy Resins.

Bucks Formula Laminating & Casting Epoxy Resins Colour Tints - 6 Colours available in either Vivid or Soft Colours packs are used to colour mixtures.

The first photo are vivid tints (Blue, Red, Green, Orange, White & Black).

The second photo are soft tints.

The Tints can be blended to create the exact shade you need and are available as packs of 6 colours in either the Vivid or Soft colour selections. Colour your epoxy work with anything from a translucent finish all the way to a solid rich colour.

Colour will degrade in sunlight, not intended to use as a final exterior finish.

Add a few drops to activated Epoxy Resin & Hardener and stir thoroughly. If required add more drops until the required shade is achieved.

Add drops to Bucks Formula activated Epoxy Laminating and casting Resin & Hardener.

1 Part Tint to 1000 Parts Activated Epoxy Resin & Hardener.

Only a small amount is required.                                                                                                                                

Supplied in pack of six colours - 25g weight of each bottle

Packed weight: 
220 g

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