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Glass fibre sheet, smooth both sides, 150mm × 350mm

Glass fibre sheet sized 150mm × 350mm in a range of thicknesses.

High-quality GFRP sheets of E-glass fabric and epoxy resin. The material employs a DCD-cured epoxy system (flame retardant type with bromine) with a Tg of 135 °C (DSC). It offers excellent thermal resistance, due to the special resin system and the low coefficient of thermal expansion in the Z-axis. Time to delamination of the laminate at a temperature of 260 °C is 12 minutes and the decomposition temperature is 315 °C. The product is listed as FR-4 and can be processed using standard parameters. It corresponds to NEMA-grade FR-4 and meets the requirements of IPC-4104C /21.

Smooth surfaces on both sides

Fibre orientation: 0°/90° (bidirectional)

Tolerances (thickness):
> 0.5 mm: approx. 10 %
0.5 mm:  ± 0.15 mm

150.00 mm
0.50 mm
51g (approx.)
350.00 mm

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