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Hi Graham, Thank you for your very helpful advice about your superb products, you have certainly saved me stacks of time and wasted energy. The products arrived the next day, excellent service and well packaged. good Luck
Terry - 1 August 2012
Hi, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the service I have received from you. I can honestly say that I look for models that might require glassing, just so I can use your excellent products, all neatly supplied in their little plastic bags. Keep it up! all the best,
Chris - 29 March 2012
I am still learning about glass cloth but have always found Bucks-Composites products usefull and reasonably forgiving. (I would not use anything else)
Peter - 8 December 2011
I recieved my order this morning, very fast service, impressed many thanks
Colin - 28 October 2011
I would just like to say I used your materials to cover my plane and got on so well I will use your materials for all my planes now, the materials are so easy to use and produce a great finish, thank you.
Peter - 28 September 2011
I like to say I followed the article in the RCM&E Mag Dec 2010 & Jan 2011 issue 'A Touch of Glass' and found your products so easy to use, I heard stories of people getting into trouble with the older materials bought from other company’s, but found your materials have made me very confident and I would defiantly recommend these products to people new or experienced.
Geoff - 28 September 2011
I use your system on most of my gliders and it works a treat thank you for your great service.
Eddie - 27 September 2011
I placed the order yesterday afternoon and received early this morning and with some additional brushes. Thank you for your excellent service and products.
Geoff - 6 August 2010
Just a very quick thank you for the 25g woven glass cloth, Lovely stuff, perfect for the job, great service.
Bob - 12 July 2010
I have just received a delivery from you ordered on Monday I'd just like to thank you for the prompt delivery and the excellent quality of the product and packaging.
Edward - 5 May 2010


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