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New Products

Here are the latest products we've added to the Bucks-Composites online shop:

Glass Fibre Fabric shears with rounded tip to avoid stab damage & wounds.

Micro-serrated on the upper blade

Stainless steel.

Real screw.

Ergonomic grip with soft inlay and big 4-finger eye.

This kit is the same as the Wing joining / repair kit for model planes but without the glass fibre tape & brush.

The kit contains:

Recycled carbon fibres* from rovings (100 % Carbon) of different origins

Ideal for reinforcing, Balsa wood, Spars, etc.

Good for hand lay-ups, winding, fast and good impregnation for epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester resins & Cyano (super glue).

Properties of the fibre are as follows;

Strand Tensile strength  4.90 GPa

Latest "How To Do" Articles

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Here is a guide to repairing a damaged surface with Bucks materials.

Items needed:

Building a foam model aircraft wing with Bucks modern building materials

An alternative to copydex latex glue for adhering balsa wood sheeting to a foam model aircraft or glider wings.

Strengthening a foam model with added strength the easy way.

Guide to Strengthening a foam model with Bucks-Composites modern building materials of high strength and lightness with added strength the easy way.

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