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Resin & Additives tips

Some of our products for sale here can be an irritant to the skin and Bucks-Composites recommend the use of protective surgical gloves. You should also consider eye protection if a risk of splashing exists. In addition many chemicals should not be inhaled therefore ensure you work in a well ventilated area.

Additive Mixing Tip

When using small quantity of additive and resin, spoon out the required amount of additive into a clean pot and mix the resin with the correct ratio of hardener then add to the additive this way you can control the viscosity of the mix and produce small batches. The resin I would recommend for using with the additives is the Formula GB epoxy resin and hardener as you can bulk out the resin and Hardener without having a high heat build up. Thixotropic is a useful additive as this can be added to all the additives in a small quantity and will prevent the mixtures from sagging.

Epoxy Resin measuring Tip

For best results weigh out the required amount of resin, divide this by 100, then multiply by the Hardener ratio found on Hardener container (weight) to give you Hardener quantity. Then mix well. Always use the correct Hardener for Epoxy Resin as most of the Hardeners are not interchangeable unlike Polyester Resin. Please refer to the mixing chart below for measuring resin and hardeners by weight.

Finishing Epoxy resin with Hardener

This resin is very low viscosity, which makes an ideal resin for use with lightweight glass cloth on model aircraft wings and fuselage. With its long pot life of 45 minutes, this gives you plenty of working time. The resin curing process should be left at room temp for 24-36 hours.

Usually 2 coats are applied, one to wet out the glass cloth and another to fill the weave of the glass fibre cloth. This produces a smooth, tough and highly durable surface. This surface will accept all paints such as high build filler primer, Humbrol enamels, cellulose, acrylic, and two pack synthetics. 

Formula GB Epoxy Laminating resin with Hardener

This resin is very low viscosity and this Resin system is good for making mouldings, the pot life (working time) is 40 minutes and the cure time is 24 hour's at room temp. This resin and hardener is also ideal for excepting fillers such as:- Micro-balloons, Super lightweight fairing compound, Micro-fibres, Thixotropic agent, Aramid / Kevlar® pulp etc, also great for bonding most materials.

The epoxy resin in its container may form crystals in cold temperatures, gently warm until the crystals have all gone and now the resin is safe to use.

The resin when curing in the Winter time warm it!

Mixing Chart

Download our handy printable mixing chart from the link below.

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