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Bucks 4 metre Epoxy Surface Finishing Kit for model Planes

High strength coating for models.

Pack includes:

  • Two lots of 2 metre long x 1.1 metre wide Woven Glass Cloth,
  • 840g of formula 50 epoxy resin and hardener,
  • 1 pair of Gloves,
  • 1 Bucks Synthetic Coating Brush 1"
  • 2 spatulas,
  • 2 measuring containers,
  • 2 epoxy resin spreader cards,
  • instructions.

The 4 metre pack is available in two weights of woven glass cloth 25g and 49g.

Note: We recommend the use of rollers for applying epoxy resin to glass cloth on model aircraft wings and fuselage.


25g glass fibre woven cloth, Ideal for models upto 70" wingspan or upto 10lbs all up weight.

49g glass fibre woven cloth, Ideal for models over 70" wingspan or over 10lbs all up weight.

Foam Friendly.

Please follow this link below for covering a model plane:-

Guide to Surface Finishing

We recommend our 2-inch roller kits for applying this resin to the woven glass fibre cloth on model aircraft:


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